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“I do” – Destination Wedding : Is it right for you?

Destination Weddings are all the rage these days and should provide you with a stress free wedding planning experience. .  You’ll want to make sure you are working with someone who understands not only the travel business, the destination wedding business but understands and listens to you, and what you want. 

Some of the most popular locations for our clients are Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.  In the next series of posts we will provide information on requirements for each, as well as offer some resort advice. 

Beach Wedding






First off though, is a Destination Wedding right for you?  

 Do you want to commit to be with the love of your life for the rest of your days, and if the only people who decide to be at the wedding are the 2 of you, is this ok?  It is wistful thinking that everyone in your family and immediate circle of friends will jump with joy at the chance to pay out of pocket to attend your extravaganza; you may be a bit disappointed that the actual attendance is less than you had anticipated.   Then again, who doesn’t like a vacation and being with loved ones?

 Do you like the idea of having a complete package for budgeting?  Everything can be handled right onsite at the resort/cruise of your choosing.  Its fun, it’s easy and it’s convenient.  Many details are actually decided once you arrive at the hotel and meet with the wedding coordinator face to face.  Will this cause you undue panic? 

 Do you want to combine your dream wedding with your dream honeymoon and create a “wedding moon”?  Remember, you will be honeymooning with family and friends.

 Having a Destination Wedding can be  wonderful way to begin a new phase of your life, celebrate in a more intimate way with family and friends and can be the absolute best choice for many.  Just make  sure it’s the best choice for you.