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It’s that time of year when clearance deals abound in the retail market, and this year, it’s not so different in the travel industry either.   Our friends at Funjet Vacations  have decided to move their left over seat /room inventory and offer a Daily Deal for the next week or so.  These deals must be booked, the day they are posted.     Click on the Daily Deal banner for the deal of the day!

One thing to keep in mind, that I have learned as an almost professional shopper:  Just because something is on sale, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit for you.   

It's only $99 per person AND we get a free cruise!

Remember , we have YOUR best interests in mind, we work for you, the traveler, not the supplier.  If you have questions as to whether the deal out there is really a deal for you – ask us.   We’re all  happy to tell you where to go!

Disney Cruislines’ Disney Dream – will she make your dreams come true?


We are back from the Disney Dream Christening Cruise and amazed at the luxury of the ship, the fantastic restaurants, and the surprises that one encounters at almost every turn. Disney sure knows what they are doing when it comes to making a dream vacation a magical experience. 

 The arrival  transfers on board Disney’s Magical Express make it easy to get from airport to resort to port to airport.  I would suggest you pack the kids’ swimsuits in a carryon bag, as they will be chomping at the bit to get on the Aqua Duck. It can take a bit of time for your luggage to arrive in your stateroom.

Our couple days on board the amazing Christening Celebration had us all feeling like celebrities.  And even though Johnny Depp did not join us ( we did brush elbows with Whoopi Goldberg entering an elevator) , we had the most amazing experience and the opportunity to interact with the real stars, Mickey, Minne, Goofy, Pluto, Chip n Dale, Donald, Daisy and all the Princesses who make a Disney Cruise a true red carpet event. 

There are plenty  of Character appearances to appease even the most die hard Disney Fan.   Times are listed on a board in the lobby for those who want to see – or for those who want to avoid.

 Adults will find plenty of adult fun and libation in The District, which offers a number of different clubs, with totally different atmospheres. From the frothy and bubbly Pink, the every changing Skyline, the lively and upbeat Evolution, to the sports enthusiasts venue 687 and a few more I’m sure we missed.

Restaurant options are varied, and Disney uses a rotating system, so all guests will have the chance to experience each.    You can trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss your chance to dine at any as, typical Disney, things are not always as they appear. 

Is Disney really the right cruise for you?

Are you looking for a family vacation that has something to offer for everyone?  Do you enjoy higher end service?  Do you enjoy good food, and restaurant variety?  Do you enjoy Disney entertainment?  Do you want to know your children, are safe, entertained and having an experience of a lifetime?  If so, then yes! . The Disney Dream (or, any Disney ship) is the right choice for you.

The Mamas and the Papas may have been California Dreaming, but we are Disney Dreaming!

Yes, that’s right.  In just 2 short days and we will be among an exclusive group of travel agents, media, celebrities (rumor has it we may be hob nobbing with Johnny Depp ) and select others who by invitation only will have the opportunity to sail on the christening curie of the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Lines fleet, the Disney Dream!  Here she is arriving Port Canaveral, early January

The new Disney Dream is a majestic marvel at 130,000 tons, accommodations to comfortably house over 4,000 guests and a well trained crew of 1,458 cast members to cater to a cruiser’s every need.  From interactive artwork, gourmet restaurants, and a 765 foot water coaster to the Disney themed entertainment in the show lounge – the Disney Dream is bound to offer a bit of something for everyone in the family.

Stay tuned as we update you on our incredible experience as we set sail Jan 19 – 21, 2011 on the Christening Cruise on the amazing Disney Dream .

It’s coming up Roses For Bucky Badger!?

What a game today for UW Madison.  A game? What a season.

Ambassador World Travel and their partner, Funjet Vacations, are offering Rose Bowl Packages 

4-Night Complete Charter Vacation Includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare nonstop from Madison or Milwaukee including two free checked bags (up to 44 lbs) and light meal service
  • 4-night hotel stay in Los Angeles – choose from the Westin Bonaventure or the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey
  • Ticket to the Rose Bowl® on Saturday, January 1, 2011.
  • Ticket to the Badger Blast (SM)/Huddle tailgate party at Rose Bowl® Stadium on January 1, 2011 (party will kick off 2 ½ hours prior to game time)
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers , transportation to the official University of Wisconsin pep rally and transportation on game day
  • Luggage delivery from airport directly to hotel room.
  • Other available options:
    • Tickets to Rose Bowl® Parade on January 1, 2011 (Due to the timing and traffic on game day, if passengers choose to attend the Rose Bowl® Parade passengers need to remove the Badger Blast (SM)/Huddle tailgate option from their reservation.)
    • Complete Vacation Packages from $2,299.99*
      Per person, based on double occupancy
      4 nights  departing on 12/29/10

Contact our office at 262.790.6200

 (Mon – Fri 830 am – 500 pm)


TSA- Friend or Foe?

 Having spoken with numerous clients who have traveled in the past couple weeks, it’s hard to say whether the news surrounding the airport delays, invasive body scans and pat downs are more media hype than reality.  Many have experienced somewhat lengthier lines and a bit more of a delay than seen in the past few years, but there has not been total airport anarchy as we may be led to believe from certain news stories.

Our advice to those traveling is, plan to get to the airport early, bring a book, make sure you have followed the guidelines for what is permissible on the TSA website, and just be patient. 

The joy of  being in your destination, the rewarding experiences you will have, the time with family and friends or simply getting away from it all;  will greatly outweigh the inconvenience of the to and fro part.

The TSA “Bumper stickers” on the right were received in an email, original source unknown.  It may be in your best interest to not share the implied humor while being patted down by the TSA.


Don’t be left at the gate!

New TSA requirements will go into effect Novemeber 1, 2010.  If you are not currently working wtih a travel agent ( or your agent does not yet have the necessary information on file for you) make sure you provide this necessary informtion into your airline record or you may find your flight cancelled.   

For enhanced Security for air travel,  the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has developed Secure Flight, a program that compares airline passenger information against U.S. government watch lists.

Passengers are now required to provide  full name, gender and date of birth at time of booking  as it appears on  your non-expired government-issued photo ID.   Effective November 1, 2010, if you do not accurately provide this information prior to 72 hours before your scheduled departure, your reservation may be cancelled.

 The Secure Flight process is now mandatory for all domestic and international travel on U.S. airlines as well as foreign carriers who fly into and out of the U.S. This process will help prevent watch list misidentifications and expedite your travel experience. You may visit the TSA website for Secure Flight FAQs and more information or contact your travel agent for details. 

New Mexican Law on Accepting US Dollars

Update from our friends at Funjet Vacations about the new Mexican Law in regards to the acceptance of US Dollars.

The Mexican Government passed a new law which goes into effect in Mexico beginning September 14, 2010. With this new law, the use of American Dollars (CASH) to make purchases in Mexico will not be as free as it has been in the past.

Other payment methods such as credit cards of all types and all issuing banks, Travelers Checks, Mexican pesos and non-American foreign currencies (such as Euros or Canadian Dollars) are not affected in any way by this new law.

The most noticeable differences to our vacation customers will be:
•Hotels and Exchange Booths, and Local Banks will only be able to change a maximum of $1,500 USD CASH per person per month into Mexican Pesos. Previously there was no limit.
•Businesses (including restaurants, shops, and Destination Management Companys) will only be able to accept a maximum of $100 USD CASH per transaction – but the number of transactions per customer is not restricted. Certain businesses may not be able to, or may choose not to accept American Dollars for any purchase at all (this may include shops, etc), however still accepting Mexican Pesos.
If a customer wants to purchase an excursion (for example) that costs $150 US dollars per person, customers will only be able to pay $100 of this amount in USD CASH and the remainder will need to be in another form of payment (credit card, Mexican pesos, etc).

Airlines are advising they will only accept Mexican Pesos and credit cards for any fees (including baggage fees).

Vacationers should never carry large amounts of American dollars with them to Mexico, but instead they should consider either using a Credit Card, taking or locally withdrawing Mexican Pesos, or use Travelers Check’s (of any currency).

I don’t need a Travel Agent, I have the internet!

I saw an article  in Travel Agent Central  – that included a top 10 list of why to use a trave agent.  I found it to be mildly  interesting and thought I’d share it with all of you even though top 10 lists seem to be a tad overused lately.   Can you book online?  Sure.  Are the prices better ?  Usually not.  Is the service you receive comprable to what you would recieve from a live, in the flesh, travel agent?  Absolutely not.

So – 10 Reasons to book with a professional travel agent:


1. You’ve Googled “Mexico vacation,” and come up with 17.8 million responses. Need a little help editing those choices?

2. Remember when you used that obscure website to book your hotel, and when you got there you spent your beach vacation overlooking a parking lot?

3. How many hours were you on hold with the airline when your flight was canceled because of a snowstorm?

4. Did you really mean to spend your honeymoon at that resort whose one tiny pool was filled all day with 12 screaming children?

5. Who knew that when you booked that “villa” in Tuscany, it would be a small room with a kitchenette and no air conditioning? Funny, it looked much better on your computer screen.

6. No one explained to you that in July, it’s winter time in Rio, and so you showed up there with nothing but five Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of swimming trunks.

7. How about the time you really needed a restful vacation, and you ended up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and someone threw up on your shoes?

8. Yes, I guess that hotel must have used a telephoto lens when they took a picture of those guest rooms that you saw on their website.

9. I suppose contacting the Attorney General to resolve the fact that that Internet site has billed your credit card three times instead of once is the only route to take at this point.

10. It was definitely odd that there were no cab drivers at the airport at 3 o’clock in the morning when you finally landed in Costa Rica, but booking a transfer to your very remote hotel would have been a good thing to remember when you purchased your airline ticket and hotel online.

If you have had a bad experience with an Travel Agent please remember, no two are the same.  Shop around and find one who’s experience, expertise and personality are a good fit with what you need.

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 Thanks for stopping by to check us out.  We look forward to offering you our insights,  personal travel experiences and reviews, thoughts, suggestions, perhaps even a bit of humor now and again as well as letting you know when we have come across some super, blow you away, knock your socks off, “Man I GOTTA GO NOW” travel type deal.    We’ll leave  the spamming for the other guys though.

 Looking forward to our travels together in years ahead…