“I Do” – Destination Weddings Dominican Republic

 Dominican Republic  (DR) – Has it all!  Located in the heart of the Caribbean, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south.   A blended history with African, European and native Indian traditions make this an interesting Island for history, culture.  While the location is prime beachfront real estate!

 The DR is a good Island for a Destination Wedding and offers flights from many major airports, with non-stop charter flights available from certain cities during peak travel for those locations.  Lots of great hotel options from which to choose depending on tastes, budget and preferred location.  Most of our clients settle on one of 2 destinations in the DR that are readily accessible to two of the major airports, Punta Cana or La Romana

  Punta Cana is on the South Eastern part of the Island and is home to the magnificent BavaroBeach.  Bavaro offers a long, golden sand beach with miles of beach walking, body surfing in the waves, and simply enjoying the magnificence of nature.   There a numerous excursions offered should you wish to leave your resort.

 La Romana, about an hour south west of Punta Cana offers a calmer beach experience in the Caribbean Sea.  A quaint town provides shopping and dining opportunities for those looking to experience a bit of the local flavor.  You can fly into La Romana and avoid the transfer from the main Punta Cana airport, though flights options are not as plentiful often times making rates higher and availability more difficult to find.


 “Making it legal”  in the DR can be a bit complicated, and quite frankly sometimes unpredictable.

 Necessary documentation: The bride/groom must bring original copies of the following documents:

                               Official birth certificate

                               A valid, non-expired passport

                               An Affidavit that provides proof of Single Status translated by an official translator into Spanish at the Dominican Consulate where the document was issued

Waiting period: The bride/groom must send copies of all documents above to the Oficialia del Estado Civil (City Clerk) preferably six months in advance and request a judge at least one month in advance prior to the wedding date in order to apply for a marriage license.

Witnesses: You must have two witnesses over the age 18.

Divorced/Widowed Travelers: Divorced or widowed parties must provide official copies of the divorce decree or a certified death certificate translated by an official translator into Spanish at the Dominican Consulate where the document was issued.

 Are you ready to say “Te Quiero” in the DR?

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