“I Do” – Destination Weddings – Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic option for those looking for a destination that will appeal to many of their guests’ imaginations and budgets.  

Love in Mexico

One of the most popular destinations for our wedding groups is the Riviera Maya Mexico – a lush tropical paradise just south of Cancun.    It is perfect for many reasons with just a few being: 

  • ·        Easy to get to with numerous flight options from most gateways
  • ·        Excellent infrastructure with a modern international airport, good roads and transportation to get people to resorts
  • ·        Numerous resort options to fit any budget and lifestyle
  • ·        Wide range of off property activities

Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific Side of Mexico offers the Sierra Madre Mountains as your back drop, beautiful wide, long golden sand beaches and also numerous  excellent resort accommodations.


Los Cabos, where theSea ofCortez meets the pacific is another lovely Destination Wedding spot. Not as popular from the our area as it can be a bit difficult to coordinate flight schedules, but we have managed to do so successfully for a number of  wedding couples.

Los Cabos

 Getting married inMexicocan be a bit cumbersome, but that is where working with a professional Destination Planner comes in as they will help sort through all the details.  

 “Making it legal in Mexico“:   The information below is a general list of requirements to perform a legal wedding ceremony inMexico. Depending on the area ofMexico or even resort you are having your wedding ceremony at, legal requirements may vary. Please check with theMexicotourism department or wedding coordinator at your resort for additional information on legal requirements and fees for weddings inMexico. All information below is subject to change without notice.

Ceremony Requirements: For a wedding ceremony to be considered legal and binding inMexico, the bride/groom must have a civil ceremony with a Justice of the Peace.

Necessary documentation –The bride/groom must bring original copies of the following documents:

  • Official Birth Certificate
  • A valid, non-expired passport
  • Tourist card (this should be given to you at the airport upon arrival)
  • TIP: Make two photocopies of each of the documents above and pack in a separate suitcase such as your checked baggage. Or take a picture of them on your smartphone or digital camera.  Make sure to bring any original documents within your carry-on luggage.

Blood test: A blood test will need to be performed in the destination with test results of syphilis, HIV, and Rh factor (blood type).  May be done right at the resort where you are having your wedding.

Waiting period: It is recommended that the bride/groom arrive at least 5 days prior to the wedding date to ensure translation of any necessary documents.

Witnesses: You must have two witnesses over the age 18

Divorced/Widowed Travelers:   For divorced or widowed parties, you must provide official copies of the divorce decree or a certified death certificate that verifies it has been at least 12 months since the official divorce from or death of the previous spouse.  A negative pregnancy test verified by the Mexican Consulate if the bride was divorced within the last year.

 Are you ready to say “Si, Quiero” in Mexico?

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