Flight Status: delayed

Snowstorms around the country have been wreaking havoc with airline schedules and leaving many travelers stranded or being forced to modify their flights and vacation plans. 

Couple tips to make take some of the worry out of vacation travel:

1.  Book the non-stop charter flight.  Sure, it may cost a bit more than the connection, but if there is a weather related delay and the flight is delayed you have seat on that plane .  With scheduled carriers you have a seat on “the next available plane” – and that could be 4days from the day you were scheduled to depart. When you are going to Cancun for a 4 day weekend – you’ll spend your vacation in the tanning bed, instead of on the beach.

2.  Purchase Travel Insurance which will help defray some of the costs for expenses that may have been incurred to do a forced delay in destination, or will cover non-refundable package components if you are unable to reach your destination as scheduled.

3.  Use a travel agent who will help rebook your flights, assist with changing car /hotel reservations and save you from airline reservations busy signals,  airline websites down due to too much traffic and can simply offer you real time, real person advice.  If your initial purchase is online,  your local travel agent will not be able to step in and assist.

4.  Plan to travel a day before you “positively, absolutely, have to be there”.  Nothing is more tear inducing than a delayed flight landing in Miami at 5pm and the cruise passengers watching their ship sail away – without them. 

MAASDAM Holland America

5.  Basic info, yet something even we sometimes neglect to do:  Check the airline flight status BEFORE leaving for the airport.  On occasion, flights will be cancelled even the night before -if you catch it early,it’s much easier to rebook.

6.  Worst case scenario – you’re forced to completely cancel your plans? Get another trip planned ASAP!  Nothing worse than the winter doldrums with no sunshine in your future.

The to and fro part of the vacation process can be a bit tricky at times but the memories created, experiences shared and smiles created, make it all worth it in the end.

After all:

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Saint Augustine

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