TSA- Friend or Foe?

 Having spoken with numerous clients who have traveled in the past couple weeks, it’s hard to say whether the news surrounding the airport delays, invasive body scans and pat downs are more media hype than reality.  Many have experienced somewhat lengthier lines and a bit more of a delay than seen in the past few years, but there has not been total airport anarchy as we may be led to believe from certain news stories.

Our advice to those traveling is, plan to get to the airport early, bring a book, make sure you have followed the guidelines for what is permissible on the TSA website, and just be patient. 

The joy of  being in your destination, the rewarding experiences you will have, the time with family and friends or simply getting away from it all;  will greatly outweigh the inconvenience of the to and fro part.

The TSA “Bumper stickers” on the right were received in an email, original source unknown.  It may be in your best interest to not share the implied humor while being patted down by the TSA.



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